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Featuring a variety of hand-crocheted items made with your satisfaction in mind.

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Note for International Customers:  Do not use Add to Cart or Paypal checkout.  Please email the names, colors, size, etc. of item(s) you wish to purchase.  I will send you an invoice with the appropriate shipping charges added.  Email to ptodd614@comcast.net.  Thank you so much.

      Black Diamonds Handbag


Yellow, Blue, Multi Handbag


              Bead Me Up, Scotty


Black and gray Central America inspired handbag with small mini-purse for coins; 100 acrylic worsted weight; adjustable shoulder strap; drawstring tie.  Machine wash and dry, do not iron.  $20 

U.S. shipping $5.00 with delivery confirmation.  International shipping $8.00

Available in various color combinations. Select below.

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Pale yellow, yellow/blue multi-color, and blue 100% cotton used to make this handbag with mini-purse,  adjustable shoulder strap, drawstring tie. Machine wash; air dry to minimize shrinkage.    $20

U.S. shipping $5.00 with delivery confirmation. International shipping $8.00


Central America inspired Beaded Bag, 100% acrylic; adjustable shoulder strap, drawstring closure; mini-bag for makeup, etc. Shown in dark and medium browns with light beads.  Hand wash, lay flat to dry.         $25  

U.S. shipping $5.00 with delivery confirmation.  International shipping $8.00

  Custom Order  Teal Hobo Bag


This beautiful hand-crocheted 100% acrylic yarn teal bag with its brightly colored lining can be yours!! Take it to the market, to the beach, to school, on the plane, shopping at the mall. It's versatility and practicality are unlimited! The lining is 100% cotton and prewashed and preshrunk, and will prevent your crocheted bag from stretching. The pattern is my original design. This bag measures about 12 inches deep, 14 inches across at the bottom, 12 inches across right below the shoulder strap, which is 28 inches long and 2 inches wide. Machine wash gentle, and dry low or lie flat to dry.  Do not iron. $28

 U.S. shipping $7.00 with delivery confirmation International shipping $12.00

              Banana Berry Bag


This unique one of a kind handbag is hand-crocheted  and measures 9" wide by 6" deep excluding the molded resin handles.  Fully lined with a hand-crocheted lining, this bag is doubly sturdy.   Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Do not iron.


U.S. shipping $6.00.  International shipping $12.00



        Pastel Pom Pom Bag


This lovely pastel hand-crocheted bag will dress up your wardrobe anytime of the year! Bag is 10" wide and 10" deep. Shoulder strap is about 32" long, and bag hangs with top edge just above the waist. Drawstring closure ending in pom poms adds that extra touch! Roomy, practical, gorgeous pastel colors. 100% acrylic yarn. You will love it! Hand wash, dry flat. Shake to fluff pom poms.   $25

U.S. shipping $5.00 with delivery confirmation. International shipping $8.00